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Clinic Tour

Car park (large ample parking with disabled parking)

We have a large angled carpark at the front of the clinic and also disabled parking. There is a large turnaround to help with smooth traffic flow and exiting. We also have extra parking next to the stables and large animal treatment area if needed.  There is a large lawned area where you can walk and toilet your pet. Please use the Doggie poop bags and bin provided.


The first thing you notice when you come into our reception is how large, light and airy it is. We generally have two friendly receptionists at the reception desk to help you promptly. All our booking and payment systems and client records are fully computerised. You will be asked to weigh your pet on the animal scales located to the left of the desk, then directed to one of our two roomy waiting areas.There are a range of treats available to buy  including low fat if you want reward your pet for being a good patient.

Waiting Areas

We have one large waiting area for dogs and the another separate one for cats and small pets. This way your visit is a little bit less stressful for your cats and small animals. If you prefer you can wait outside where we have a bench on the veranda.  This is good if you have a particularly noisy or nervous dog, just let our receptionist know so she can call you when it is your turn to see the Vet.

Children are particularly fond of our large fish tank with our colourful breeding guppies. See if you can spot the two algae eating bristlenose catfish hiding!

We also have a select range of professional pet foods, grooming products, and a small selection of toys, collars and leashes. We are primarily a Veterinary Clinic and not a retail shop.  We have a large screen for informational DVD’s.


Consult rooms

We have two large fully equipped examination rooms that are mirror images of each other.

These have an examination table that can be lifted against the wall to allow large dogs to be examined with ease on the floor. We have x-ray viewers in each room to show you your animals x-rays.


Bereavement room

Our bereavement room is designed to help reduce the the stress when that ‘end of life’ time has come. We can sedate your pet before hand before if you choose. As this is a dedicated room you are able to stay with your pet as long as is necessary, as you say goodbye.

Radiology room

We have a dedicated radiology room. This room has our X-ray and ultrasound machines, radiology table and Digtial X-Ray Processor. Our Digital processor processes X-Rays in minutes onto a computer with large viewing screen enabling us to view and manipulate them allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnosis. These images can then easily be sent to Veterinary Specialitsts or for Hip Scoring as required also if requested you can take home a copy. Both our X-ray and Ultrasound machines are  portable so we can use them anywhere in the clinic if needed.  All our consulting, treatment and theatre rooms have x-ray viewers. Our ultrasound pictures and videos can be viewed on the ultrasound machine and also on our computers. They can even be sent to our specialist radiologist for a report if required.



Pathology Lab

We have invested significantly in in-house blood testing technology. We are able to offer immediate pre-anaesthetic testing including Haematology and Biochemisrty with our VetScan machines. Unwell patients can have their comphrensive blood profiles available within minutes enabling early diagnosis and prompt commencent of appropriate treatment. We have a dedicated machine to test for blood clotting which is very important in the diagnosis of Snake bite and Rat Bait poisoning. As well as this we have an iStat machine which we use to use critical care patients.

Our microscopes are in constant use. Examination of stained slides of ear swabs identify bacteria and yeasts which is an important and essential tool in the treatment of ear infections. Fine Needle Aspirants (FNA) of suspicious masses are performed regularly. We also do skin scraping and faecal worm examinations

We offer in house testing for Pancreatitis, Heartworm, FIV (Feline Aids)  and FELV (Feline Leukemia), Urine Analysis as well as glucose monitoring for diabetes.

We still utilise the expertise of an outside laboratory for more extensive work ups as needed.

Theatre (monitoring equipment and anesthetic machine)

With our purpose built new hospital we have a dedicated sterile operating theatre for all our sterile surgeries. Our up to date Anaesthetic machines are equipped with Respiratory, Pulse, Oxygen and Blood pressure monitors just as you would see in any human operating theatre. We also have a ventilator for use if needed.
We have trained Veterinary anaesthetist nurses to monitor your pet during all surgeries and recovery afterwards in the recovery and intensive care area. In this theatre we perform operations such as desexing, caesareans, tumour removal, lumpectomies, orthopedic, soft tissue, intestinal and organ surgery.

Our high standards of care means it is mandatory for all surgical patients to have intravenous fluid therapy using an infusion pump and pain relief using a multidrug protocol. Pain relief is an important part of post operation recovery.

Scrub and Prep room

This is where theatre staff scrub before surgery. Also our surgical instruments are cleaned, prepared, packed and sterilised and stored here until required. The many drawers are full of the large number of sterilised instrument packs that are required for the wide variety of different surgical procedures we perform. The large Window to the theatre means non theatre staff can directly observe surgical procedures and what is happening in the theatre.

Treatment room

We have a separate large treatment room complete with it's own anaesthetic machine and a full range of monitors, for all minor procedures such as grass seed removal from ears, wound repair, abscess draining etc. Patients in hospital and those requiring fluid therapy, oxygen therapy ( we have a oxygen intensive unit for small patients)  are examined and treated in this area. We also have a “wet” treatment table connected with water and flushing equipment for messy things such as enemas.

Specialist Dentistry Suite

Here is our brand new dental unit with all the attachments you will be familiar with from your own dentist. We use the ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque including deep subginvial cleaning reducing gum disease and saving teeth..


We stock a large extensive array of medications to treat virtually all conditions that come in. All our medications are kept here under locked conditions. We also have our medication label printer here handy for dispensing.

Dog Ward

Our specially designed stainless steel cages cater for all sizes including our custom  cage for the “Great Danes” of the dog world. The ward is set up so no dog can see another dog thereby minimising stress and aggression. This ward has its own air conditioning and heating to maintain optimal temperatures and heating pads to aid recovery. It is also independently vented.  We use Vetbed blankets in all cages to aid comfort, it is a fabulous product that allows liquid to drain away keeping your pet dry, it does not support bacterial growth, is hypo- allergenic, extremely durable and easily washed. We have a mini kitchen in this area to prepare dog food and wash dog bowls and clean cages etc.

Isolation ward

Our previous dog ward has been turned into our isolation ward. This is used for dogs that have contagious diseases such as Parvo to prevent contamination of the clinic.

Cat Ward

A lot of cats are stressed by dogs and noise so we have a separate quiet cat ward. It is separated from our dog ward by a corridor and sound insulation. Our cages are custom made stainless steel cages. In every cage we have a litter tray and use Cat Vetbed blankets to aid comfort. Vetbed is a high pile, soft backed material  that allows liquid to drain away, keeping your pet dry, it retains body warmth, it does not support bacterial growth, is hypo- allergenic, extremely durable and easily washed. We also have heating mats for those cats that need it and drip stands that fit onto the front of the cages. There is  a small kitchen in this room that allows us to prepare food and clean bowls etc. We also have a laboratory bench with centrifuge and slide preparing equipment.

Veterinary Office

Our large Vet’s office  is a quiet area away from the bustle and activity, where the Vets can do their paperwork (computer work), go through pathology reports and phone clients.This area well resourced with an extensive reference library and also the latest veterinary publications.

Practice Managers Office

This is in the hub between reception, vet office and staff room and allows Dawn our Practise Manager to monitor everything happening in the clinic. It also acts as a control centre for our dedicated computer system. We were one of the first clinics to be computerised (back in the green screen days!) We have continued to update our system and programs to run the gold standard to enable us to access our records, forms and appointments quickly and securely.

Staff Room

Naturally the staff get a nice airy room to recharge with a coffee or chocolate (thank you's from clients yumm!) or take a breather and eat lunch. We also use this room for staff education sessions and always have the latest Veterinary and Veterinary Nurse journals here for their reading information. Staff can observe what is happening in the clinic via the monitor that is connected to the security cameras throughout the clinic. These can even be monitored remotely allowing us to increase our security.